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Michael H. Drucker Consulting is a virtual company organized in 1998 and structured to provide electronic commerce solutions using the latest internet hardware/software technologies to take business problems and turn them into business opportunities.

Areas of expertise include:Design, development, and implementation of business and computer systems for financial, distribution, administration, and personnel functions across many types of diverse companies. Custom creation of support tools and report generators for payroll, billing, inventory control, and production control. Management of IT teams in areas of internal/external Portal applications, CRM, One-to-One marketing, rich-media advertising, and Video-on-Demand entertainment. Creation and management of Regulatory and compliance reporting systems. Management of business processes in user security, banking, insurance, real estate management, outpatient accounting, utility billing, retail POS, fulfillment, and a variety of other miscellaneous systems. Creation of technical manuals, white papers, and internal technical courses in the latest hardware systems, software languages, system administration, network administration, and database technologies.

Developed Rapid Service Improvement, a TQM concept for the service industry. Using cross-functional teams in weekly assignments, improved work flow of business processes by removing waste and removing the silos built over time. As part of this process, management was taught how to manage the new cross-functional work groups created by RSI. 

Current client base and function served consists of:

Piggyback Battery - – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this retail/wholesale company selling backup batteries and chargers.
Website/mobil at piggybackbattery.com

Cow Over The Moon – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this retail Toys, Sports Memorabilia, and Gifts websites. cowoverthemoongifts.comtoyonmainstreet.comsportsonmainstreet.com

Johnson & Johnson – Developed a Gap Analysis, Operation Process Workflow, and a Patent & Copyright review for a new division creating a new medical device.

The Official Goose Gossage website – Design, develop, implement, and maintain The Official Goose Gossage website.

Dag Hammarskjold Tower – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this Condo's website.

Barbara Schultz Image Consulting – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this Image Consulting website.

Barbara Cushing Artworks – Design, develop, implement, and maintain this Artist's website.

Independence Party – Design, develop, and implement political web sites. Some of these sites include: The Neo-Independent Magazine, the original CUIP (Committee for a Independent President) website, and the original Independence Party of NY County.

Wish You Were Here Productions – Design, develop, and implement, and maintain web sites for this Sports Marketing company and Sports Foundations. Some of these sites include: WYWHP, David Cone Foundation, and Don Larsen Foundation.

Total PayPerView – Interim CTO – Designed and managed the building of an entertaining and informative Portal for consumers to utilize and make knowledgeable buying decisions for pay-per-view and video-on-demand products.

PayForView – Interim CIO – For an integrated online and offline entertainment, advertising and Design Company with broad experience and expertise in the online streaming, rich media and advertising sectors.  Developed endureAD, a proprietary super-rich-media advertising model that allows for video-based and rich-media commercials.

Cardboardmemories.com – Interim CTO - Developed, maintain, and market the brick-and-mortar site for this authentic autographed sports memorabilia company.

marchFIRST – Interim CTO –Managed the development of a PIM for the tri-state division of this consulting company.  Managed the proof-of-concept for Cisco’s WAP/XML reporting and internal Portal of Flextronic’s manufacturing router division, internal Portal for a Chicago architectural company, business plan for a 3D apparel viewing model, researched Pat Robertson’s 700 Club Video Studio streaming video problem with Vignette.

Worldo.com – Interim CTO – Designed, managed the hiring, and development of an internet Portal/ASP for the Interior Architect & Designer industry.

Shop.theglobe.com – Interim CIO – Managed the integration and redevelopment of an internet shopping mall in WA with the community site of theglobe.com in NY.  Added the CRM and rich-media email marketing systems to empower and monetize their 15m customers.

More.com (GreenTree.com) – Interim CTO – Developed and managed the back office integration of the internet health care mall with national distributors. Developed and managed the business process.

Redmond Technology Partners – Interim CTO – Developed and managed the creation of internet sites for the German FCC, Stevedoring Services of America, and Stellar One (ConnectTV). Wrote white papers covering Internet and the Insurance industry, Y2K issues, Web site creation issues, and eCommerce issues in the Catalog industry.